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John Proctor is the Villain - Raelynn

Barry - Sally

Haunting of Hill House -Theo

ReelArc Sample Scene

Acting Gallery


        Jaden Tyler Urso's This Shameful Yoke 

Directed by Paige Schuyler Bakke

Playwrights Horizons Downtown 2024

Photos by Liv Campbell

        Jaden Tyler Urso's So Far Away 

Co-Directed by Paige Schuyler Bakke and Anjun Jia

Broke People Play Festival, The Goldberg Theater

Photos by Noma Mirny

Disney's Mary Poppins

Directed by Alex Burkart,  Associate Direction by Paige Bakke

Cherry Creek High School Theater


An online confessional, a sugar baby, and a priest. is one of the four plays chosen for the 2021 Playwrights Playground Festival.


Written by Paige Bakke

Directed by Ariana Montoya and Georgia Evans

Sound Edited by Georgia Evans

Featuring the voices of Selena JP and Ariana Montoya

NYU TISCH Drama Stage's mon;

Directed by Attilio Rigotti 

Devised by Paige Bakke, Adelynn Anderson, Zoey Burger, Stella Ferra, Marisa Gonzales, Charles Hsu, Vivian Hunt, Vero Matheny, Dedrick Kendis McAlmont, Theron Vilijoen

From My Mountain

mother in a bunker calls to her daughter to discuss black olives, Arizona diamonds, and the downfall of the world. 


Written by Paige Bakke 

Playwrights Horizons Theatre School Festival

From My Mountain Paige Schuyler Bakke
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